RS485 Modbus digital Hss57 nema23 closed loop stepper motor and driver
RS485 Modbus digital Hss57 nema23 closed loop stepper motor and driver
Quick Detail:

RS485 Modbus digital nema23 hybrid servo motor and driver


1.Supports standard Modbus RTU protocol on RS485 bus;
2.No loss of step, accurate positioning;
3.The current size is intelligently adjusted according to the load to adaptto various mechanical load conditions;
4.Built-in acceleration, deceleration and smoothing filter control forsmoother operation;
5.User-defined segments;
6.Supports position, speed, zero return, JOG, multi-stage position,multi-stage speed and other modes;
7.input ports, 3 output port functions all programmable and configurable;
8.Voltage range: DC+24V~48V;
9.With overcurrent, overvoltage, position tolerance and other protections.

typical application

    Suitable for various small and medium-sized automation equipment andinstruments, such as industrial robots, textile machinery, special industrialsewing machines, wire stripping machines, marking machines, cutting machines,laser phototypesetting, plotters, CNC machine tools, engraving machines,automatic assembly equipment, etc. The application effect is particularly goodin equipment where users expect low noise and high speed.

Electrical indicators

Power supplyDC24~48V, recommended power supply DC36V
Output currentPeak 6.0A (current changes with load)
DI input current10~50mA
DI input voltage+24VDC
Communication typeRS485
Maximum communicationrate


Usage environment and parameters

cooling methodNatural cooling or external radiator
Usage environmentUse occasionsTry to avoid dust, oil andcorrosive gases
storage temperature-20℃~80℃

Driver installation dimensions(mm)


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