mach3 breakout controller board
mach3 breakout controller board
Quick Detail:

5axis controller board


1. full support for MACH3, KCAM4, EMC2, and support parallel port to control the host computer software;

2. 5 output signal ,can connect 5 stepper motor driver ;

3. 5 input port, Can connect to the limit switch, emergency stop, or other Input devices ,5 input signal indication LED;

4. One relay, it can be used to control spindle start and stop,1 signal indication LED beside relay;

5. power supply have 2 choice, USB power form computer or an external 5V power supply;

6. pulse and direction signal shaping、enhanced, data transfer speeds reach 10 MBit / S;

7. have 2 kinds connector ,the 4PIN XH connector can connect driver convenient and efficient.


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